City Groups are where growth really happens at City Church. They meet huge relational and logistical needs for our church.  Through small groups spread throughout the different parts of our city we are able to bring Jesus to our neighborhoods.  In living rooms, God connects his people through friendship, the Bible, and through prayer.

join the team!

We believe that we all are City Church.

That means we all do our part to make it happen. Whether it's in kids ministry, our cafe, or our Welcome team, we want everyone to do their art to make City Church amazing. Find out how you can join the team!


Sometimes you just need a group that gets you. At City Church, we have several different groups designed to do just that. Take a look!

City Men

We invite any and all men to be a part of any opportunity we have to gather.

city ladies

All ladies are invited to be a part of our our various gatherings throughout the year. 


A place where our 7th-12th graders are free to find God on their own.

west of fifty

Events and field trips catered to those west of 50 years of age.


Designed for our 4th-6th graders. Meets every week.

Sundays at 10:30am